ASSISTANT PASTOR Part 2 Mark Angel Comedy Episode 226

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ASSISTANT PASTOR Part 2 Mark Angel Comedy Episode 226 Mark Angel comedy team leaves second episode for “ASSISTANT PASTOR”, in this episode on like the previous where K Brown started evangelism as an assistant pastor, though things did not work out well at the very start but as he continued things began to turn out for him even though he ended up in trouble at the football hall.

Now he takes another step of faith to continuing his evangelical work, but wait a bit what do you think is going to be the outcome this time around, do you think everything will work out just fine? of course not at all and so K Brown continues his evangelical quest but no body wants to listen to preaching but wants signs and wonders rather.

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Now in other for him to get attention he decides to start performing signs and wonders (Bad idea for him) he decides to team up with Emmanuella and this was the plan “Emmanuella gets actors who play mad, while K Brown is preaching the com by and then K Brown performs fake miracles by healing them. It did worked well as planed he began to get a hand full of people listening to him,

Oh no but today seems bad enough for him it was not an actor who came first but a real mad man, Guess what, it’s not what you think happen may be the mad man made K Brown plays his role too, what ever you just have to find out the rest for your self by watching this interesting video.

And do well to stop by every Friday for more interesting videos from this team. Enjoy!!

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