CARRY OVER Part 3 Mark Angel Comedy

CARRY OVER Part 3 Mark Angel Comedy

CARRY OVER Part 3 Mark Angel Comedy As usual Mark Angel Drops another must watch video as a continuation to “Carry Over”, in these episode Mark seems to be very prepared for his carry over exams, he calls himself “Burner”, with too much confidence on him self he warned every body he has no friend so every one should mind his own business.

But as it is always said “THE WISEST MIND HAVE SOMETHING TO LEARN YET”, the supervisor arrived with the exams shared the question papers and answer booklets among the student’s and exams begins. But it is not even up to 10 Minutes before Mark requested an Extra sheet. {Every one surprised and Tension-ed}.

And in the next 5 Minutes Mark is done with his exams and he is already going to submit, his colic’s tried to persuade him not to as they still have up to 25 Minutes left to completing their exams, but Mark the “Burner” will not listen he so much believes in himself, but guess what! Do you think his end will be spectacular? find out for your self.

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