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How To Check My Jamb Center

You will learn on, how to check your JAMB exam center, your JAMB exam date, your JAMB exam venue, and your JAMB exam time.

The truth is that JAMB does not release your JAMB exam center, your JAMB exam venue, your JAMB exam date, and your JAMB exam time immediately after you successfully complete the JAMB Registration process.

To save yourself the stress of rushing to meet up with time on your examination day, it is very imperative to know your JAMB exam center, exam time, exam date, and exam venue early enough.

Also, it is worthy of note that if you miss your exam time or date, you will have no other chance to sit for Jamb 2023 anymore.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board have made it very easy for the JAMB candidates to easily get notified of their exam details.

In this article, I will enlighten you on how to check your exam details, then the day you will write your exam, and the center that JAMB put for you.


How Do you Know Your Exam Day, Date, and Time?

NOTE: The portal to Check the JAMB center and Examination date is not live yet at the time of writing this article, so following the steps below will not yield any results.

This post will be updated once the JAMB reprinting for 2023 begins.

The first way to know your JAMB exam day/date is to reprint your JAMB examination slip which contains your JAMB exam center, your JAMB exam date, your JAMB exam venue, and your JAMB exam time.

On the reprinted slip, JAMB will indicate the day you will write the exam, the date for your exam, and other important details about the exam.

Your exam date will be indicated based on the day and month. What you see on your examination slip will be written in this format:

Examination Date: Friday, April 11, 2023, By 3:30 PM. This means that your exam time is 3:30 PM.


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When Will JAMB Send You Your Exam Date and Center?

You may want to ask; when exactly will JAMB Send my Exam Date and Center?

Your JAMB center, exam date, day, venue, and time will be sent to you 7days (1 week) before your exam day.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board will send your exam date, exam center, exam time, and day through the examination slip.

This will be sent through email or online or other means.

Below are the steps to check your JAMB date, center/venue, exam day, and time through the JAMB portal or JAMB email.


How to Check Your JAMB Center/Exam Venue?

To check your JAMB exam venue and exam time, 

  1. kindly visit the JAMB exam center and exam time checker portal via using a suitable browser like google chrome or Firefox.
  2. Enter your JAMB registration number in the space provided. On the JAMB reprint page, enter your JAMB registration number, Email address, or Phone number
  3. Click on the “Print button” to print your exam slip
  4. On the slip, you will see your JAMB exam venue and the center you will write your exam.


Your examination center will be indicated based on the town and address and center name. The exam venue on your examination slip will be written in this format:

Examination Town: For example, Sango/Bodija/Ojor in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Examination Center Name: For example, Apple International Computers, No.313 Eheya Street, off Olamide filling station, Yaba, Lagos State.


What to Do After Knowing Your Examination Details.

After knowing your exam details, kindly endeavour to trace where your exam venue is, i.e., the state, local government, and even location, as written on the slip.

At this point, continue your effective preparations as you wait for the exam day. Lastly, remember to go to your exam center as early as possible and keep strictly to time and exam rules.

By now, we believe that you have known how to check your 2022 JAMB center, exam date, exam time, exam day, and exam venue.

Jamb has started giving attention to this year’s admission. Jamb reprinting exam date for 2023 will be announced close to the exam date.

You would have seen the details below already in your Jamb printout:

  • Jamb registration number.
  • Examination town.
  • Your seat/center number
  • Date of Birth
  • Your full name and
  • Email address.


Note and follow the rules below

  •  DO NOT Take Your Mobile Phone or Bag to the Jamb Exam Center.
  • Take your Jamb slip along to the examination venue.
  • Keep a copy of Jamb SLIP for reference purposes.
  • Your Biometric (Thumbprints) Verification is COMPULSORY at the Examination Centre.
  • You will be marked absent if you go to the center very late
  • NO Change of Subject in the Examination Center.

On the JAMB reprint page, enter your JAMB registration number, Email address, or Phone number.


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Some Likely Questions Related to this Topic.

  1. When Will JAMB Reprinting Start?

Reprinting for this year’s JAMB slip is expected to begin a week before the main UTME Exam (22nd of April, 2023)

This means you can follow the steps I have shown to you here from April 22nd, 2023 to check your Exam center and Date. Unless Jamb changes the date for any reason.

  1. When Is the Deadline To Reprint JAMB slip?

There is no fixed deadline for JAMB slip reprinting.

But since JAMB 2023 exam date is the 29th of April, all reprinting should be done before this date so as not to miss out on the Exam date.

  1. How Much To Reprint JAMB Slip?

Doing the JAMB reprinting by yourself will cost you nothing, but if you go to a CBT center to do this, then you should pay about 300 to 500 naira for the services rendered.

  1. Where Can I reprint JAMB Slip?

You can do the reprinting anywhere, from the comfort of your home to any cyber-cafe or JAMB registration center you want.

  1. I tried Reprinting with My Phone But It did not work, why?

The major cause of JAMB reprinting not working with your mobile phone or Laptop is if the Pop-up option for your browser is deactivated.

To resolve this, go through your browser options and reactivate the Pop-up.

Hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to share!

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