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How To Pass Jamb

In this article on, you will learn How To Pass Jamb excellently.

Excelling in JAMB is not difficult at all if you choose to be intentional about it on time.

I didn’t meet my desired JAMB score on my first and second attempts because I genuinely was not prepared for the examination.

On my third attempt to write JAMB in 2018, I became more intentional about beating the cutoff mark for my desired course at the University of Ibadan.

So, I did many things differently and ended up scoring 303 in JAMB then.

There are a few things that you can do to help you excel in the JAMB examination.

First and foremost, make sure that you have a good understanding of all the materials required for your JAMB Exam.

If you can answer questions quickly and accurately, you will be able to speed through the examination.

Additionally, prepare for the questions in advance by reading the past questions and the corresponding answers.

This will help you to understand the concepts and to prepare logical responses.

Finally, keep a positive attitude and don’t let the stress of the examination get to you.

This will help you to focus on the task at hand and to perform at your best.

In this article, I will show you in detail how to score 250, 270, 290, 300, and even above 350 in the JAMB examination effortlessly!

How to pass jamb

Does JAMB repeat questions?

Yes, JAMB repeats Past questions a lot, and that is one reason why you must not shortchange using JAMB past questions to study for any reason.


Is JAMB hard or easy?

There is no straight answer to this question, but one thing I can say is this, your level of preparation is inversely proportional to how hard you will find the examination.

So, the better your preparation, the less difficult you will find the exam, and vice versa. 

If you practice the exam success tips I have shown to you here faithfully, I can assure you that you will score very high in your next JAMB Examination.


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To score HIGH in JAMB, you have to first BELIEVE IT!

This calls to mind a quote by Napoleon Hill; “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, that it can achieve!”

You need to open up your mind to numerous positive possibilities and work diligently to achieve them.

“Your comfort Zone is a place where you keep yourself in self-illusion expecting everything to come to you but in truth and reality, nothing can grow or flourish in the comfort zone!

You need to sit down and think of yourself as a huge success.

Read about other people that have accomplished what you want to do so you realize it is not impossible after all.

I have seen people score above 350 in JAMB.

So, you can do it too!


The next thing is to set your JAMB TARGET SCORE.

Before you plan on Scoring high in JAMB, What JAMB Score do you consider high?

There is no questioning the fact that, some students consider a JAMB Score of 220 OR 230 high (well, at least it is high enough to secure your admission in some courses)

Some may suggest that only a JAMB Score that is above 300 should be considered high.

But generally, a high JAMB score is one that guarantees you admission to study the course of your choice at the university you have chosen.

Over the years, we have got to realize that a JAMB score above 280 can conveniently do that.

But it is not bad to score above 300 in JAMB, and with the help of these tips I will be showing you shortly, you will realize that it is not difficult at all.

This does not cancel the place of hard work and smart work at all! Knowing what to do and doing them at the right time is paramount.

There are no shortcuts, but with the right strategy and mindset, you can accomplish beyond your imagination.

Now that you know what JAMB score can be considered high and that it is very much possible to achieve it, the next is to know the steps to take consistently to accomplish it.


20 Things You Should Do to EXCELL in JAMB Effortlessly


  1. The BEST time to start is NOW!

The first step to accomplishing anything in life is to START IT!

The ‘TIME FACTOR’ can make or mar your RESULTS in any examination including JAMB.

You cannot continue to procrastinate and expect a good score in JAMB.

In as much as procrastination is the thief of time, it is also the thief of success and everything good in life.

The SOONER you start studying or working on your expected results, the better for you!

Even if you have a year to prepare for your JAMB exam, you might not get much out of it if you don’t start as soon as possible!

So, Get organized and get STARTED!

The best time is now!


  1. Register For JAMB Exam Early

Another mistake many candidates make in their JAMB exam preparation is late registration.

Why must you wait for the deadline before you register for an examination that will determine your destiny academically?

Aside from that, registering for JAMB early has its own benefits, which include;

  • You get to write in the state you want or more convenient for you without being told “no space in your desired location” to sit for the Exam.
  • Secondly, upon registration, you will be given the JAMB syllabus, the JAMB brochure, and the JAMB novel, which are important materials you need for JAMB preparation. If you hope to pass JAMB well, you must get all these tools to use early.
  • You don’t get to experience the rush or pressure of late registration, which is important to maintain your sanity while preparing for the exam.
  •  Also, when you register for JAMB Early, you get the time to conveniently study for JAMB and practice well enough, without being bothered as to when the sales of the form will stop.

As you can see, it is very advisable to register for your jamb examination as early as possible!


  1. Take the JAMB NOVEL seriously.

Even if you are offering sciences, endeavor to study the JAMB-recommended novel for the year thoroughly.

Never replace the Novel Summary you read with the actual novel.

The summary can be of help but you still cannot compare it to reading the main novel itself.


  1. Create a study timetable and follow it FAITHFULLY.

Creating a STUDY TIME TABLE enables you to be ORGANISED and ACCOUNTABLE.

In fact, the need to create a study timetable for yourself cannot be overemphasized.

Luckily, you will only sit for four (4) subjects unlike WAEC and her other O’ level counterparts where you will be expected to sit for Eight or Nine subjects.

It is not just enough to create a study timetable; you must make sure to follow it meticulously.

Your TIMETABLE should suit your daily activities and also give you enough room to involve yourself with other extracurricular activities.

So, if you find yourself always busy during the day with things you must do, then make sure most of your study for that day is moved to the evening.



Proper time management simply means doing the right things well at the right time.

It also implies making maximum use of your time every single day.

Getting a good daily plan or timetable will help you manage your time well.

But it does not end there.

You have to make sure that other important aspects of your life are properly coordinated and attended to.

Learn to focus and finish up the few VERY IMPORTANT things you must do every day to become successful.

If you are unable to create a study-life balance, it becomes difficult for you to focus while reading, knowing that there are other things (important things which need attention) left undone.

Prioritize wisely, and set a time limit for each task you have to achieve so you won’t eat into the time you should have used for other things


  1. The Importance of JAMB Past Questions

In scoring more than 300 in JAMB, you cannot do without JAMB PAST QUESTIONS.

The need to use JAMB Past Question for your JAMB exam preparation cannot be overemphasized.

In fact, it is the only FREE and LEGAL JAMB EXPO available to everyone.

Let me tell you a secret;

JAMB will mostly likely not be setting any new questions but refurbishing old ones, so you may be asked a question that was asked in 2006 JAMB with the options changed or rearranged.

If you are lucky to have friends that have written JAMB before and used JAMB past questions for practice, then you can ask them.

I have seen cases, where an exact replica of what was written in one year, was refurbished and asked the following year!

Though it is difficult to get all questions from one year, so go through as many different years as you can.


  1. Study with the JAMB Syllabus

Nothing would help you pass JAMB more than a well-coordinated reading.

This is what using JAMB Syllabus would help you achieve. 

JAMB syllabus contains topics and sub-topics you must have covered prior to the Exam.

Although this syllabus contains all the topics you have been taught right from senior secondary school one, I still think it is worth going through.

So how Do I use JAMB Syllabus to prepare for and Pass JAMB?

After creating your JAMB Study timetable, try to go through JAMB Recommended topics for any subject you want to study which you can find in the syllabus.

Take note of the topics you have studied properly.

With this also, you can measure your progress, and how many more topics are left for you to cover for a particular subject.


  1. Attend Tutorials both Online and Offline

Attending tutorials during your JAMB Exam preparation will not only give you serious leverage in understanding difficult concepts, but it will also make you cover a lot within a shorter time interval.

Different people have different levels of understanding.

Instead of wasting so much time, trying to understand the material you are reading, there are many quality tutorials centers out there that would help you overcome this stage with ease.

All you have to do is choose the tutorial center that is most convenient for you to attend, and you will be asked to pay a token.

Aside from this, there are online tutorials you can also try.

The good thing about online tutorials is that most of them are free, all you need is a mobile phone and data.

You can also use YOUTUBE and GOOGLE to get an understanding of some difficult concepts in your studies.


  1. Consider GROUP STUDIES.

Identify and connect with other candidates close to you who are aspiring to score high in JAMB and mingle with them.

“Birds of a feather flock together”.

You should be careful of how you choose your circle, because this will in a long run, make you or mar you.

Mingle with people who hold similar values as yours and are working daily to achieve their goals.


  1. Consistency is KEY

If you hope to pass JAMB with a very high score like 300 or above, then you must be very consistent with your studies.

“The secret of success is constancy of purpose.”

Follow your study timetable diligently.

Study past questions when you need to and never be caught lagging behind.


  1. Do Not Be Shy to Ask Questions

No one is an Island of knowledge!

You will definitely find some topics a little difficult to grasp, don’t spend hours trying to understand a topic or line, or formulae when you can easily ask questions and get it done quickly.

An ancient Chinese proverb says, “He who asks a question remains a fool for 5 minutes. He who does not ask remains a fool forever.”


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  1. Identify and work on your weak areas.

You will find yourself having issues with understanding some subjects, it could be mathematics, JAMB Use of English, or whatever subject it might be.

Make sure to dedicate more time to subjects you find difficult to remember or understand.

Why should I spend more time reading what I don’t understand when I can easily focus on the subject I am good at?

You see, to Pass JAMB with a good grade, is a collaborative effort from all the subjects you enrolled in.

So, if you focus on the subject that you know the most, which you won’t even have a hard time reading, then what happens to the other subject(s) you are weak at?

If you score low in that one or two subjects you are weak at, that will drastically reduce your JAMB score to a laughable one, and I know you don’t want that to happen, so be smart about it.



Be MOTIVATED by the success that lies ahead in your studies.

Engage yourself with people or activities that motivate you to read because the truth remains that if you don’t read you can’t pass JAMB.

In fact, intensive reading and studying are one of the most important prerequisites to excelling in JAMB with a score of 300 and above.

So, you cannot afford to be lazy with your studies if you desire EXCELLENCE.

One trick you can try to motivate yourself is to reward yourself each time you complete your reading task for that day.


  1. Avoid Distractions.

Anything you do or involve yourself with that does not lead you to your daily goals is a distraction.

With this definition, you will agree with me that, your friends can be a distraction, your phone can be a distraction, and anything that will not help you excel in JAMB with your target score is a distraction!

Try to do away with social media for now, they won’t really help you score above 300 in JAMB but rather will eat into your time.


  1. Stay UPDATED.

If you follow all the JAMB success tips I have shown to you above without following this, you may end up not even sitting for the Exam at all.

You need to be constantly informed of the stage of the Exam you are in if you want to pass JAMB. You need to know when it is time for reprinting when the registration begins, and other important information.

You can follow some education blogs as well as the JAMB website to stay updated.


  1. Practice More.

The time available for JAMB preparation is, unfortunately, very short. Your response to that should be more practice.

If you are not computer literate, get training on that and practice the CBT mode. Learn your way around the environment and get ready for the main exam.


  1. Answer all Questions If Possible

JAMB does not use negative markings for students, and as such you will not be penalized if, in the process of attempting a question, you picked the wrong option.

So, instead of leaving a question blank (i.e. not answering the question at all) make sure you select an option.

If it is correct, it becomes a plus for you, if wrong, no harm is done.

It is a nice idea to leave questions you know would take your time, to attend to much easier questions.

But in the bid of doing this, you must note these questions down and not forget to go back to check when you are finally through.

But if, after revisiting the question for the second time, you still can’t come up with an answer.

Then select the option you think would be more correct and move on.


  1. Make Use of JAMB Recommended Textbooks.

Many do not know that there’re such things as JAMB Recommended Textbooks.

So, they just read any Senior Secondary School Textbook they could lay their hands on and think they are all the same.

JAMB, in their wisdom and based on the coverage of their syllabuses, recommends textbooks to enable the candidates to grab the required information or knowledge to excel in the UTME examination.

So, it is akin to foolishness for any serious candidate who has admission as a goal not to make use of recommended textbooks.

You can get the JAMB-recommended textbooks on the internet or on JAMB SYLLABUS.


  1. God Factor

Pray fervently, and continuously to your God in preparation for your examination because one with God is the majority…


These are what you should do if you truly desire EXCELLENCE in your next JAMB examination!

Thank you for reading!

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