How To Retrieve Jamb Password

You are going to learn How To Retrieve Jamb Password if you mistakenly forgot or lost your password.

It is very painful for a candidate to lose his JAMB password because there are many things you cannot do without it.


  1. You can’t check CAPS without your JAMB password.
  1. You can’t see your admission status without your JAMB password.
  1. You can’t update your JAMB details as required.
  1. And if offered admission, you can neither accept nor print the admission letter.

In this article, you will be learning how to reset your JAMB password and recover access to your JAMB profile.


How do I reset my JAMB password?

If you are going to reset your JAMB password or any other password for a really important platform, you will be required to set a new password.

Ensure your new password contains Upper and Lower cases of the Alphabet. You should add numbers and special characters too.

Make sure you keep it somewhere safe that only you can access either written in a book or saved in a cloud.

As a candidate, you can reset your password via a registered email address, phone number, or via a jamb support agent.

To reset your jamb portal password, you “MUST” have access to the email address and mobile number you used for registering and creating your profile on the JAMB platform.

This can be obtained from your exam printout slip and the automated profile creation email/SMS from JAMB.

The Two things you need to log in to your JAMB profile are your email address and password.

Please note that the password used here is not compulsorily the same one you use in logging into your email account.


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The three ways to recover your JAMB password.

There are three ways to recover your JAMB password;

  1. Retrieve it from your email,
  1. Reset it from the JAMB website.
  1. Chat with your JAMB support.


When you created your JAMB profile either at a CBT center or by yourself, a message was sent to your email address containing your profile creation details.

This message contains your name, date of birth, and password.

To retrieve your password using this method, log in to your email address and search for “Profile Creation Details”.

If you have different emails and you are not sure of the one you used to register with JAMB, you have to try this process on all your email addresses.


How to Reset your Password on JAMB Website

For this option to work, you must know the email address you used to register on the JAMB website.

Step 1: Visit the JAMB Password Reset Page

JAMB has a specific web page for individuals who want to change their JAMB password.

You can visit the JAMB password reset page at

This page is subject to change with time.

Step 2: Enter your Email Address

Enter the email address you used to register for JAMB.

Click on password reset.

JAMB will send your new password to your email address.

If you are comfortable with your new password, you can leave it as it is. If not, you can change the password to anything you like.

Continue to step 3 to customize your password.

Step 3: Log in to JAMB E-facility

Log in to the JAMB e-facility website with the new password that was sent to your email.

You can log in to the JAMB e-facility with this link.

Step 4: Go to JAMB Profile Settings

Once you are logged in, click on the profile icon at the top-right corner. A drop-down menu with options will display.

Step 5: Click on Change Password

From the list of options, click on change password.

A page displaying your personal details will appear.

  • Click on change password.
  • Type the current password (the one sent to your email), enter any password you want in the “new password” box, and “confirm new password” box.
  • Click on the change password button to change your JAMB password.
  • Reset JAMB Password by Chatting with Support
  • If all other methods have failed, this is the next best option.


You could contact JAMB support at to report that you are having issues resetting your JAMB password.

Someone from JAMB will get back to you with instructions to help you recover your JAMB password.

Perhaps you don’t get a reply within 2-3 working days (Mondays to Fridays, 9 am to 4 pm), please visit a JAMB CBT center to complain.


Get Back Your Forgotten Profile Password

Some had forgotten the passwords to their emails. Some don’t have access to the phone numbers they used for security codes during the email registration. Some used Yahoo Mail for their profiles.

And in most cases, Yahoo accounts had not been receiving reset links from JAMB even if you tried to reset your JAMB password through forget password link available on the JAMB portal.


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JAMB universal method to get your lost profile password

JAMB has finally given you a universal method to get your lost JAMB profile password back without any visit to a cafe or CBT center or even the JAMB office anywhere in Nigeria.

Though there are three conditions attached to that. 

  1. You must know your JAMB email. You can easily get that on your JAMB UTME registration or exams slip. 
  1. You must still have a phone line you used for JAMB registration active on a phone. If you’ve lost that, all it takes is to welcome it back or retrieve that at any MTN, GLO, Etisalat, or Airtel offices, or shops around you.
  1. You must be ready to spend just N50.


JAMB Official Method to Get Back Your Forgotten Profile Password

There are two new methods to reset JAMB profile passwords.

Method 1

  • Get your phone on. Make sure you have at least N50 loaded or left on your account.
  • Go to the message and send the “password (space) email used for JAMB” to 55019
  • For example, the password to 55019


The message below will arrive on your phone in a moment.

 Your request has been received and is being processed. You will get a response shortly. The service will cost you 50 naira.

After this, N50 will be deducted from your account, and another message containing a new password will be sent to you as below.

 Your new login details email:; password: cand9ab3db.


Method 2:

You can reset your password by sending Reset Password to 55019 using the sim used during registration. 

A message will be sent back to you with a new password.


How to reset your jamb password

If you have forgotten the password to your jamb portal or simply need to change it to a more protected one. Follow these quick easy steps.

How to reset your JAMB password via email:

  • Click “here” to reset your password.
  • Insert your email address and submit.
  • You will receive a mail with a link to reset your password.
  • How to reset your JAMB password via SMS:


Send your “password email address” to 55019 using your registered “JAMB mobile number,”

E.g: “password” to 55019.

Note the email address is the registered username/address used for profile creation/registration on the JAMB portal

A new password will be sent via SMS

This service costs N50 only

Alternatively, you can also access the JAMB support service on for a password reset request. 

It is important to note that you cannot change or reset a registered email address or mobile number on the JAMB portal, so ensure to correctly review provided information and factually cross-check for any errors at the point of registration.


A brief about JAMB

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board was created in 1978 as an entrance exam board to facilitate admissions into Nigerian tertiary institutions such as Public and private universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

In 2013, the board transitioned from a “paper-based test model” (PBT) to a “computer-based test model” (CBT) to meet global educational standards and curtail the rising cases of examination malpractice.

This process and a transition to a portal-based system of storing information further increased computer literacy among prospective candidates.

Without a secure Jamb password, candidates are denied access to the creation of a unique individual profile and relevant jamb services such as the Central admission processing system (CAPS), JAMB notification of admission, and admission letter printing.

For other issues related to your Jamb profile, feel free to use the support link at


Thank you!

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