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PEO International Peace Scholarships To Study In USA And Canada 2023

One of the major ways by which people travel out of their home country is through scholarships. Scholarships are regarded to be grants or favors that are given to students in order to continue academic study. Scholarships usually come in monetary forms. It can either be a partly funded or a fully funded scholarship.

A scholarship is usually given on the basis of academic excellence or achievement. There are things to note about scholarships including application guidelines, eligibility, amount awarded, basic requirements and some others. All of these things determine if a person would get a scholarship or not.

Talking about PEO international peace scholarships to study in the USA and Canada, you will find out what it is about and necessary information about it.

About PEO International Peace Scholarships To Study In USA And Canada

PEO international peace scholarship is a kind of scholarship initiated to help women attain their academic goals through scholarships. This initiative was built on the basis of education being a way to maintain peace and harmony in the world at large. This scholarship provides women from other countries the opportunity to study in the USA or Canada for completion of their academics.

If you are a resident of the USA or Canada, this opportunity might not be open to you. This is for a reason best known to the organizers of this program. This scholarship is not fully funded as you would be given only a percentage of the money you are supposed to pay in any of the universities. You would be given a sum of $12,500 or less depending on your needs at that point.

Application Deadline

The application deadlines are in two phases as it involves applicants who are enrolled in the graduate program already and those who have not been enrolled in the graduate program. For those people who have been enrolled in the graduate program already, the application closes on the 1st of march 2023 while for those who have not been registered in any program at all have the grace till 1st of April 2023. 


If you were unlucky during the first year of application, you can try again the next year as it is a scholarship that runs annually.

Eligible Countries

Women from all over the world are eligible for this scholarship but note that women who are citizens or residents of the USA and Canada are not eligible for this scholarship. If you are African, Asian, or from other parts of northern and southern America, you can apply for the scholarship. Although the application is usually based on personal needs of the individual and therefore it is not fully funded. Only a part of the fees are funded.

Type Of Students

Full time graduates

These are individuals who might have completed a degree programme in another university but still look forward to bagging another degree. It could be a masters or PhD. Depending on what you have completed, you would still be given the opportunity to further.

Students who are still in a particular institute of learning

If you are still enrolled in a particular school, you have the opportunity to apply for the scholarship. The fact that you are in another university does not mean that you are not eligible to study in the USA or Canada. Provided you are able to meet up for the necessary requirements, you have no issue.


The scholarship is worth $12,500. As stated earlier, lesser amounts may be given to individuals depending on the peculiarity of such a person’s situation. $12,500 does not cover the whole expenses of the university you would be going for but no doubt it would sort out a few things. The essence of this scholarship is to aid ease and reduce the burden that comes with trying to study in another country. 


The awards are usually announced in the month of May. So, if you are lucky you would be amongst those that would be celebrated in May.


  • Only women are eligible for this scholarship

As you have seen already, this scholarship is centered on a women helping women basis. Males cannot apply for this scholarship so you have to take note.

  • You must be qualified for admission to full time graduate study

It is important that you meet the criterias of the school that you would be applying for in any of the countries. It might involve your last academic result, means of identity and other important documents that would qualify you to study in that school.

  • Citizens are not eligible

It has already been stated that citizens or residents of the USA and Canada are not eligible for this scholarship. Just so you know, if you apply as a citizen you might just be wasting your time.

  • Scholarships are not given for internship purposes

If you are looking forward to becoming an intern or to gain practical and research knowledge in that institution then you are not eligible for it. You must be sure of what you’re going there for. Scholarship awards would not be given out to clear past debts.

  • Doctorate students who have completed coursework are not eligible

If as a doctoral student, you have completed your coursework and are probably looking forward to doing your dissertations, you won’t be given the opportunity to access the scholarship. You would only be given if you have not started at all.

  • International students that attend cottey college are eligible for this scholarship.

How To Apply 

All you have to do is go to their website to obtain an eligibility form. You should also check out some of the important documents needed to get it done. Make a submission of those documents and wait for the time names would be shortlisted.


With all of these, you already know what’s in store when you want to apply for the PEO peace scholarships. Do well to follow all that has been listed and ensure you do not make a mistake. Good luck!

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