YAWA SAY PAY (S2, Episode 8)

YAWA SAY PAY (S2, Episode 8) Another crazy comedy from Yawa, just like his name sounds every thing he does has always ended him trouble rather than good. And this time he have com up with a money doubling game idea where he covers the money with three different cups, you pick the right cup you get double the amount of money you have used to play,

As usual everything went on perfect at the very first day when he planed with his friend to select the right cup and won the money just to lure viewers to belief it works. (It deed worked well), but not until when a little came by with a five hundred Naira he was supposed to by water with.

He played but did not win and decided to go back to the two awkward Guys who have sent him, hmmm too bad for Yawa, watch and see what happens to him next. Enjoy!!

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